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Keeping it Real

I'm aging. There. I said it. And as such, I'm looking for any fountain of youth I can find to hold off the inevitable. Y'all. I found one.

Check. It. Out.

I used the Clarisonic Opal for TWO months and this is what happened. I love the original Clarisonic, and I had read good reviews on this little tool, so I decided to try it. Really, the before and after photo was a fluke, but I'm SO glad I did it. I couldn't believe the change, and you know, you don't see it as much when you look at yourself daily. I just used the serum that was included with the tapping Opal twice a day and volia!

I am soooo going to try this next on those nasiolabial folds by my nose to see if it does anything. I'll let you know how it goes. Do you have any new products or gadgets you love???

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