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Makeup Primer

As you get older, your face doesn't turn over cells as often. Even with great exfoliation, you can sometimes get a "drag" when you apply foundation, and products can look blotchy on your skin.

Have you ever painted a room in an old house? Like that. And what helps the paint look better? Right. A primer coat.

I was skeptical, I'll be honest. But since I'm on the constant search for better, I thought I'd give it a go.

I decided to try Base Lumiere by Chanel since I've had excellent results with their foundations in the past. I have to say, I really do like it. Not only does it make the initial application smoother (I sort of look airbrushed), it helps my face not EAT my makeup by lunchtime. After five hours and no touch-ups, I still look like I did when I left the house this morning. Usually I have base on my cheeks, and bits of base left in my t-zone by this time in the day, so I'd mark this product as successful.

It's an oil-free, colorless, gel formula, so it should work for all skin types. I don't know that this would have been a necessary product in my 20s, but it's nice at this point in the game to have something that fills in those lines a little before color goes on.

How about you? Any favorite primers you love?

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