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Travel luggage review

As part of the continuing series on travel items, I thought I'd give you a review of some of the pieces I carried on a recent trip.

I test drove my new bag from Barrington Gifts (see earlier post here), and I LOVED it. It was such a good tote bag as a carry on, as it had lots of pockets and zippered sections, but it was also perfect as a beach bag and purse while I was on the trip. It never seemed too big or too heavy, but it carried what I needed.

I also took a new duffel bag on this trip that matched my old luggage. I have used L.L. Bean luggage for about twenty years, and I hate that the company has been recently politicized because it is seriously such good luggage. Anyway...I had several overnight trips last fall where I needed more space than a tote would provide. It seemed weird, though, to roll in with a carry-on bag (no pun intended), so the rolling duffel seemed like a good hybrid for my needs. It has great space, and as long as you pack heavy items toward the left, you should not have problems with the bag tipping over when you stand it up. I like that it has straps and short handles in addition to the wheels. These bags are part of the sportman's series that you can find here. One of the best things about this group is that it stands out from the sea of black luggage when it comes off the plane!

Do you have luggage you love? Share with me in the comment section!

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