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Top Three Places to Eat in Grand Cayman

I had the chance to visit Grand Cayman recently, and WOW. I love this Island for so many reasons (year round 80 degree temps, super-happy locals, extra clean facilities...the list goes on). If you get a chance to go, jump at it!

While you are there, let me recommend three places to eat that are really good and won't break the bank. You don't feel like you have to dress up at any of these, either.

1. Sunshine Grill-This is Trip Advisor's #1 restaurant in GC, and for good reason. It is literally no frills, outside Sunshine Suites hotel, and you will NOT believe you would get a fantastic meal here. But you do. Get the Jamaican Chop House tacos. I tried all types on the menu, and while they are all good, the Chop House tacos are amazing.

2. Duke's Seafood and Rib Shack-mixed drinks are meh, but all the food on the menu is fantastic! This is good for a large group, since you can get ribs, seafood, salads, whatever. I got fish and chips, and it was beyond yummy.

3. XQ Pizza-I know what you're thinking...why go to an island and eat pizza? Well, after several meals of seafood, sometimes you want something different! Plus, these are gourmet pizzas. A group of us tried nine different kinds, and they were all amazing. Also, XQ is well-known for their Sunday brunch, which is a big thing on the island, and the only thing to really do on Sunday.

I should say, we also went to the Wharf while we were there. The view is beautiful, and the mixed drinks were beyond good ( the Pineapple Express is not to be missed). However, I'd recommend going straight to the bar to grab a cocktail and maybe an appetizer, unless you are prepared for a REALLY expensive meal. They seemed to do a lot of "bait and switch" with the prices, and we felt like we'd been duped a little as American tourists.

Have you been to Grand Cayman? Any places you love that I didn't mention??

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