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Have you tried...?

I'm driving on the road A LOT. About half the time, I hit a traffic jam. In the past, I'd drum my fingers, wonder whether it was construction or an accident, and hope for a way out!

Then I found the Waze app. Have you tried it? Essentially, it is a real-time network of users that let you know what's happening on the road. I love that it shows if a police officer is on the scene, what the speed limit is, if a car is stalled on the side of the road, and what-not. Just knowing how many miles ahead an issue is can reduce my anxiety a ton when I'm trying to get somewhere.

Obviously, don't use this while you are moving ;>) But if you are on a road trip and have a buddy in the car with you, you can find the best routes and even find the cheapest gas along the way! If you pre-program in the route you want to take, Waze can even set an alarm to tell you when to leave so you get there at the time you want.

Do you have a travel app that makes your life easier? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section!

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