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Little Luxuries

I was sitting around with co-workers the other day, and we started talking about the little everyday things we do that are comforting. Of course, we covered the usual things; a great cup of coffee, wine on the patio, pedicures. But what about things that don't cost a lot, but can turn up the volume on our everyday experiences? We agreed that just talking about these things made us relax and took us away from daily stresses, if only for a few minutes! So in the spirit of this, luxuries you can do for under five dollars...

One idea is to create your own hot washcloths to use for makeup removal, to prepare for shaving, or just to refresh during the day. All it takes is to wet some washcloths, roll them tightly, sprinkle with essential oil, and put them in a crock-pot (or slow-cooker for some parts of the country). Voila! A spa treatment for pennies! This tiny treat is so relaxing and calming, especially during the chilly winter months. You could also do a larger hand towel for use as a neck roll...heaven!

Similarly, do you ever make your own infused water? I know we hear about the benefits of lemon water, and some of us actually take that extra step to throw in a lemon from time to time. But what if you kept a pitcher ready to go in the refrigerator? Limes, mint, lemongrass, lemon, orange...your imagination is the only limit. Would it make you feel like you were having a cocktail as opposed to it being a "should do" of downing your eight glasses a day? What if you even threw in an umbrella? I can imagine for myself in the hot months that I'd feel like I was on a mini vacation!

A hot bath was at the top of the list for most of my co-workers. Some went as far as to use bath bombs (I love these), but you can have a great detox bath just by using baking soda. Baking soda is great for removing toxins from your body and neutralizing an acidic diet. You can use as little as four or five tablespoons, or up to an entire box. Sprinkle in and soak up the goodness. I try to always do this after I am on an airplane to help ward off illness.

I think my favorite little luxury is to have clean sheets on the bed. You can refresh them daily with a linen sheet spray. You can make a nice one using 2 1/2 cups of mineral water, 1/8 cup of vodka, and 5 ml of essential oil. I like lavender as my oil of choice for this mix., but you could use a citrus or floral if you prefer. Add ingredients to a spray bottle, and spritz on sheets in between changing to freshen them.

Since several of these suggestions use essential oil, I feel like I should recommend some sources for you. Not all are created equal, and some can be more perfume than a true essential oil. If you have an organic grocery near you, that can be a good place to find oils. If you need to order them, I'd recommend Edens Garden. They have high-quality oils, and you don't have to buy them from a sales representative. They are also very affordable.

Do you have little luxuries you can't do without? Share with me in the comments section!


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