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Capsule wardrobe

I'm sure you've seen capsule wardrobes everywhere, but as a frequent pool/ocean person, I wondered how that idea might translate to bathing suits.

I've been testing it, and it's awesome! Above, you'll see a ten item swim wardrobe, inspired by Jennifer L. Scott's Ten Item (clothing) Wardrobe.

Swim tops seem to be the most expensive, so swapping out different bottoms has been much more cost effective for me. I also like different styles of suits for different activities, so having some mix-and-match options gives me a lot of bang for my buck.

For example, for a water park, I prefer to have on a swim skirt since there is a lot of standing in lines for slides and it feels a little more covered and modest. For a paddle board or jet ski, I like swim shorts. For sunbathing or swimming, a regular tankini works; and for snorkeling or being on a boat, I need a one piece since I usually have to squeeze into a wetsuit and lifejacket.

Having options to mix and match while other items dry is just a lot more comfortable for me, especially if I am on vacation and have limited space while packing.

All of these options in the photo above are from the same line (Athleta) which I will link here, but the idea would apply to any of your favorite brands and styles. Obviously, you can increase or decrease your ideal number based on your needs and personal style, but I hope this will be a good inspiration board for you.

Happy swimming!


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