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Eating My Way Through 30A-part deux

Even though I had eaten all day on my trip across the Florida coast, I still had a hearty bite that evening near my bed and breakfast. There is nothing like pasta to put you to sleep at night! Provisions, in Port St. Joe, had a yummy shrimp carbonara. They also had a good basil pesto with goat cheese and scallops. 

It's an intimate sized restaurant, so with the nearby B&B, I could see it being a cozy late fall escape.

My favorite meal of the trip, however, was the next day at George's. Located at Alys Beach, this is one restaurant not to be missed.

This is the Dab Salad, which gives you a sample of each of the chalkboard salads of the day. This one contained feta-tomato, cucumber, pasta, crab, tapenade, and potato. It was GORGEOUS, flavor and sight.

That day, they also had a malted chocolate smores on the menu. In the name of thorough journalism, I got one for you...

You're welcome! 

This cloud of marshmallow fluff has me dreaming of my next visit!

I hope you'll get a chance to check out the Florida coast. This has just scratched the surface of some of the good eats down this way, but I hope it gives you a starting point and some inspiration. Happy start of summer, y'all!


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