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Moonlight and Mutlu

Do you love a cool music venue?

Recently, I had the chance to see Mutlu at an intimate little venue in Birmingham, known as Moonlight on the Mountain. I can't even tell you how great this evening was. The venue is small enough to feel like you are up close and personal with the artist, and the ownership takes respect for the artist seriously. There's NO chit-chatting during the performance. You BYOB and food, so you get what you want there too. Check out their website here:

If you aren't familiar with Mutlu, you should do a looksee at his music while you're at it. He's opened for Hall and Oats and Amos Lee. He's amazing, and is currently doing some touring. He and his wife are seriously the nicest people too. There is no ego on this one. For more info on that, jump to:

This night was a birthday event, and they host a variety of local artists. Do you have a local venue you love and recommend? Share it with me!

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