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Pumpkin Candy

Do you get on chocolate overload during October? I love the treats, but sometime I want something a little different.

I love to make bark at Christmas, so this year, I thought I'd do a Halloween version. I think it's super fun!

I bought orange, yellow, and white melting candy from Amazon, along with the honey pumpkin candy.

After melting each color separately in the microwave, I dotted it on a lined cookie sheet. Then it was just a matter of dragging a knife through it to swirl the colors. I think the marbling is really pretty. I added the halved pumpkins in for a little interest, but you could add pretzels, M&Ms, sparkle sugar, or any other candy of your choice. Have fun with design!

I left it on the counter to cool completely and then broke the sections up to store. I'm loving sharing these at work, and I hope you enjoy them too!

Do you have any Halloween traditions you love?


Fiona over at How to be Chic responded to my comment on her blog post, "Adding a pop of color to neutral outfits"-check out her uplifting blog!


I did this again, and wanted to share pictures. Starting at the center of the pan when dropping candy makes for a prettier swirl.

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