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Capsule Packing

If you've been paying attention to Pintrest lately, you've probably seen capsule wardrobes floating on your feed. These minimalist choices are supposed to help streamline your life by giving you mix-and-match, no-brainer clothing options.

I tried giving it a whirl for an upcoming trip, and I'll let you know how the choices work out.

I'm spending a very casual four-night, five-day trip in Missouri in late October. For me this will mean soccer games, movies, and hanging out. My packing options look like this:

Three pants

Six tops

Three sweaters

Two shoes

One scarf

This will give me a minimum of six outfits, without washing. In a carry-on.

Here's how they play out.

Of course, I'll take my steam iron to fix all these wrinkles, but since I'm rolling the shirts for maximum efficiency, no point in steaming pre-trip.

I'll wear a short sleeve turtleneck, black sweater, jeans, and boots on the plane so I can pull layers on or off. I can wear the shirts alone if we have a warm snap, but in my experience, Missouri is FLAT and the wind makes things feel so much colder to my southern skin!

You can see from the first photo how much I'm able to get into my carry-on bag. All of the outfits, plus sleepware and a sweatshirt. I'm feeling a little smug!

How about you? Have you tried capsule packing? How did it work out?

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