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What's in my bag: travel edition

I have become a total weirdo when it comes to reading travel posts. I can't get enough of articles on trimming down what to take on a trip. I guess I'm trying to make the most of that valuable carry-on space! As such, I thought I'd do a series for you on packing for a tropical trip; starting with my carry-on tote.

To start, let me give you a list of standard items: sunglasses, phone charger, emergency battery charger, empty water bottle (to be filled once inside airport), lip balm, iPhone, iPad or Kindle, gum, large scarf or pullover, fuzzy socks, passport, pen, and toiletries. Toiletries can include regular sunscreen, but if you are tight on space, you can get sunscreen wipes, which won't count against your liquid allotment. Hooray!

In addition to this list, I have what I call, "I now bring these items because at one point on another trip I was miserable without them" essentials. These include noise-cancelling headphones, which are a game changer if you are at all sensitive to sound. (love these)

I also find that a pack of Kleenex is important, because that dry air always makes my nose run, and the bathroom Kleenex is like sandpaper, assuming you can get enough to last for a flight. Snacks are necessary, as you will find out if you've ever had to sit in a plane for hours. Granola bars, trail mix, tea/coffee packs, yogurt raisins, or any non-smelly pre-packaged food item can save you, or at least dampen the hangry that will happen if they won't let you de-board. I've also found that a neck pillow can be worth the effort to bring, even for what is supposed to be a short trip, if you can put the pillow behind your back and support your lumbar.

All of these items can help make your trip a little more enjoyable, whether for business or pleasure. You can put on your fuzzy socks, put on the headphones, wrap up and block out the world!

What about you? Do you have any "must have" items you bring in your carry-on tote? Share with me in the comments section!

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