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Hygge-five suggestions

The idea of comfort, or Hygge, has been everywhere lately. I love this concept, especially as stressed as everyone seems right now. A collective deep breath might do us all a world of good!

However, I do think comfort means different things to different people. From my polyvore inspiration image above, you can see what I think would be cozy, especially on a cold, rainy day. For some, comfort might come in the form of sunshine. For others, being surrounded by their children. I think the idea is to find what works for you in the moment, to help you achieve serenity.

To help you daydream, here are some of my favorite comfort products:

1. Harney & Sons vanilla comoro tea

2. L'occitane almond lotion

3. High Cotton candles

4. Malbec wine

5. A great throw blanket, like this one from Nordstrom

How about you? Any must have comfort items?

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