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Beauty Bits

I'm excited to share some new finds with you today! These products are all major multi-taskers!

First up is this eyelash primer from Lancôme. Not only does it maximize your regular mascara, but it is also enriched with vitamin E, so it makes your lashes better over time. I've been using it for about three months, and I'm shocked at how much my lashes have grown. For $25.50, it's a darn good product, especially if you don't want to use a lash product that might change your eye color! It can also be used on its own at night as a lash conditioner.

My second product recommendation is an eye mask (miracle) from Trish McEvoy.

These presoaked pads can be used two or three times before tossing, so you get more bang for your buck. Placing them under your eyes for five minutes takes care of a multitude of sins. They de-puff, hydrate, and tighten. I would seriously use them everyday if I could afford it. As it is, they are marvelous for special occasions or times when you are feeling old and need a lift (ha!). You get eight packages of two presoaked pads for $68. So for a few dollars per pack, definitely worth it for a self esteem boost.

Finally, I'm featuring a facial sunscreen that is ah-mazing!

This product has an SPF of 45, but it is also a CC cream, so it treats your skin as it protects it. But the best part is that the tint self adjusts! So, if you want to use it alone, instead of just under your foundation, you can. No more changing products in the summer once you have a little color! You just use a pea size amount, so the $45 tube will last six months to a year. I wore it yesterday, and a total stranger complemented me on my skin! You can't get better than that in my book!

Do you have any new products you're loving? Join me over on Instagram at "astheyshoutedoutwith" for the conversation! Until next week...


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