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On the cheap

I love luxury brands, but sometimes I really do find a favorite item at a drugstore or discount chain, so I'm sharing some of those finds with you today!

One of my favorite items is a knock-off of what is already a cheaper brand! Wal-mart's Equate body wash is a dupe of Aveeno's body wash. It is ultra moisturizing and the scent is a very light and clean oatmeal. It can double as a shave gel. Every time I try to leave it, I come back. For $3.47, I'm not totally sure why I try to leave!

Another favorite product is Hawaiian Tropic's Sheer Touch Broad Spectrum sunscreen SPF 30. It goes on without being sticky, and the light coconut smell evaporates quickly. It is around $8 and I like it for everyday protection. If you aren't a regular sunscreen user (withholding judgment), you may not know about layering protection. Since many of you will be heading out for some summer sun, it's best to use a lotion first, and then touch up with a spray if you are going out for more than an hour. A spray won't give you the initial layer of coverage you need to keep from burning, but it's handy as a follow-up if you like it. This Sheer Touch is one of my favorite lotions, and it can be found almost anywhere.

I'm not sure if you've discovered the magic of magnesium for enhancing sleep, but if not, you should check out the research on it. We don't usually get enough in our diet, so adding it in through a soak is so good for our well-being. One of the best ways to get magnesium is with Epsom salt. I love Dr. Teal's solution, as it also adds in lavender. This is an item that is much cheaper to pick up, rather than ship, because of the weight. A three-pound bag is less than five dollars if you pick it up, but it can run up to twenty dollars if you try to ship it. So it this instance, it's worth the trip! A cupful in a hot bath will relax muscles and is very good for the immune system. It's recommended to use a cup of Epsom salt and a cup of baking soda in a bath after a flight to kill off any of the germs you might have been exposed to on a plane. I can say, I've done this for about five flights, and even if it's a placebo effect, it seems to work. I haven't had the regular sinus infection that I always used to come home with since I've been doing this.

Do you have any drugstore brands you swear by? I've love to hear!


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