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Quick Gift

Recently, one of my favorite co-workers left for a new and exciting opportunity. While I was happy for her, I wanted to let her know that work would "blow" without her (ha-ha). This was my way of telling her that!

The nice thing about this craft is that you can make it any price point you desire. Grab a cute bowl and go to town! I used floral foam inside the bowl to hold the goodies, and then I filled it up with pops (about two regular size bags) and giftcards to her favorite places. Be sure to also stick in a regular "Congrats on the new Job" card!

While I miss her terribly, I hope she can set the bowl out on her desk and think of me every time she grabs an afternoon treat!

I think this would also make a cute prize if your neighborhood or workplace does anonymous "Boo" gifting. It would probably also work for a Fall Carnival gift.

How about you? Looking forward to next week and the upcoming holiday season? Let me know!


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