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I'll pack a lunch

Hello Spring! Glad to see you! I am especially excited about eating al fresco, so I thought I'd share a few picnic ideas with you today.

Most of the time, our picnics are a last-minute affair, so I don't get to do the Pintrest worthy craft foods you sometimes see. It's more of a "Hey, pack some food and let's head to the beach/go out on the boat in five minutes." However, I think if you have a few staples on hand, you can make a lovely last minute meal to take outdoors.

I like to keep 2-3 options available for proteins:

1. dry salami (I prefer this since it isn't as greasy as sopressata or chorizo)

2. prosciutto

3. cheddar cheese

4. montamore cheese

5. almonds (love wasabi flavored)

You could also add in cream cheese pinwheel sandwiches if you have wraps, cream cheese, turkey, or cucumber on hand.

Then I like to add 1-2 spreads to go with vegetables, baguettes and/or crackers:

1. hummus

2. olive tapenade

3. roasted pepper

4. pesto

A few portable fruit choices, like grapes or apricots and a sweet like a cookie are all you need to finish the nibbles. As for drinks, you can add bottled water, wine, lemonade, or any of your favorites!

Water infused with oranges, blueberries, strawberries, or mint is lovely in a mason jar. It can give your picnic a special touch, without much of a time investment.

Do you have favorite picnic nibbles? Share with me in the comments section!

Until next Tuesday,


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