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Eating My Way Through 30A

I make some sacrifices for you, I'll tell ya!

I recently made a two day trek up and down a stretch of the Florida coast to see the emerald water and eat some amazing food. Since 30A has become an even hotter tourist attraction in the past few years, I'm sharing some of my favorite spots.

I crave sushi once I cross the line into Florida. If you are staying in the Pensacola Beach area, this loveliness can be found at H20 in the Pensacola Beach Hilton.

On the left is the ATL roll (spicy tuna and cucumber tuna) and on the right is a standard California roll. H20 also has a nice Sunday brunch.

The next morning, I moved down from Pensacola to Miramar Beach. I wanted something a little more local than Starbucks, so we popped into Bad Ass Coffee. They had a lot of options, including Kona. It wasn't like having it in Hawaii, but it was nice and something a little different. I also had the Sicilian chibatta roll. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was a good, protein-packed sandwich to fuel a day of walking. This isn't a "must do" place, but a decent coffee option.

Lunch was at Seaside's well-known Bud and Alley's. I have fond memories from each time I've been, so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity for a drop in. You cannot miss this beautiful little village, or the views at the restaurant.

I had the cobia with a side of rice. A very colorless meal (ha) that was delicious nevertheless!

I felt guilty for not having a green, so I ordered the Key Lime pie. I hope you're proud of me!

Come back next week. I kept eating, and I have some even better spots to recommend! If you're thinking about a trip down south, you'll want these.


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