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Summer Reads

I love getting lost in a good story. There is something so restful for my soul when I lose myself completely in the details of a different world, or when I find inspiration for the next project.

Today I have three recommendations in three formats for you. I hope you find as much joy in them as I have!

If you haven't picked up this summer's edition of The Magnolia Journal, you should. I find Chip and Jo delightful all the time, but this edition really nailed the theme of confidence. I found myself pausing after each section just to reflect on what I'd read. It's been a long time since a magazine made me do that.

Similarly, I've been listening to Big Little Lies on audiobook. People could not stop talking about the HBO miniseries, which is going to have a second season, and I can see why. A murder mystery that follows the drama of daily life as a surburban mom, the book also touches on domestic violence and bullying. The women at the heart of the story are so interesting and funny, I'll bet you find yourself casting people you know in the roles.

Finally, I'm recommending a podcast that several of my girlfriends are glued to. S-Town follows an Alabama man that asks the local law enforcement to investigate a wealthy family who brags about getting away with murder. Part treasure hunt, part small town feud, I'm betting you can't stop listening to this true story either.

Are you reading anything you can't put down? I'd love to hear!

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