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10 Things I love about fall

It's the most...wonderful time...of the year!!!!

I LOVE this month, and I know I'm not alone. Since this blog celebrates the little luxuries of life, let's discuss. Aside from all the pumpkin spice everything, here are ten things I am so excited about!

1. Football season. It's the south. Duh. Gimme all the high school, college, and pro football you can throw at me.

2. Fall clothes. Aside from the fact that they just look better on almost everyone, fall clothes are so stinking FUN. Bags! Shoes! Jackets! Yay!

3. Leaves. I may love this one since I don't have to rake them, but there is something so beautiful about the change. I especially love yellow maples. Gorgeous.

4. Candles. I burn candles year round, but the day getting darker and the scent getting heavier just wraps me in all the feels.

5. Halloween Candy. My other half hates candy corn. I think this is weird. More for me. YAY!

6. TV specials. It is the season for specials. I see you Charlie Brown and Halloween Wars. I see you and I love you. And don't get me started on Hocus Pocus. Why are they remaking this??? Why????

7. New TV seasons. Speaking of TV, thank goodness the cliffhangers are over! I love the start of a new season. It's like welcoming back old friends.

8. Blankets and throws. I need to be wrapped in something while I'm watching all the aforementioned TV. It's been too hot to do this. I am happy to have security and fuzziness again!

9. Warm beverages. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mulled cider. I cannot get enough.

10. APPLE SEASON. I will make pies and crumbles until I cannot stand it anymore. If someone has access to an orchard, will you take me? I've never been.

How about you? Anything you are itching to do these next few months? Share with me in the comments!


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